Are all American’s clear on what principles and pillars America if founded upon?

America is a Republic and the Democrats are working to undo and destroy the “Government for the people by the people”


So they can replace it, and no longer need to seek the will of the people to act on whatever Socialist / Marxist agenda or styled after European system of Government that will give them unchallenged rule over or even against the will of the people they will rule over in the USA. They will do whatever is necessary and whatever they like and demand you obey!

Example: Joe Biden’s Disregard and Disrespect for the Supreme Court Decisions and rule of Law!

Live! Learn! Act Responsibly Nov 2024

We have Foreign Operatives and Domestic Terrorist in the Reformed Democrat party (This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party anymore) The Democrat Party has been High Jacked along with the Rhino Republicans to do the bidding for “International Governments and Special Interests” and are supported financially by the Ultra-Rich Foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, The Bill and Malinda Gates foundation, The Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation and the list goes on and on… see the credits at the end of any News or Special Reports especially European and Syndicated News Reporting!

Those who commit Domestic Terrorism, Treason and ignore the rule of law do not respect the Republic, the Flag, the Rule of Law, or the Government for the People by the People!

If they can fabricate charges, buy the syndicated News Media or propaganda outlets and have the support of mega donor foundations from the Globalist Society, and openly and brazenly attempt to destroy a billionaire, former President and possibly the next President of the USA, what can they do to you, should you become the object of their disdain and contempt?

Sadly if this next election is not won by those who still love the Republic and the Flag for which it stands, we will all find out what it’s like to live under a government like China and Russia or a European styled Monarchy!

If your the middle class down, Your freedom, future and finances are being eroded and destroyed by this totalitarian styled Socialism / Marxist agenda of the Democrats and Rhino Republicans it pushes the rich higher, and pushes the middle class and below down even lower!

If your a Democrat or following the lead of Rhino Republicans, your biggest challenge when you realize you have heard the truth in love and sincerity and begin to know it’s the Truth, is going to be accepting that you were played by those you trusted and placed your confidence in.

Many of us who now have seen the light have had to come to terms with such disappointment also!

Americans are a special people who have learned to start over many times and know how to reach out in love when the circumstances have harmed us all!

Stop voting for endless wars, for the financing of countries that yearn for our eventual destruction, global Communist domination and their propaganda giants who are robbing American of its wealth and burdening our citizens with excessive taxation!

Vote for Americans, Freedom and Governance for the people by the people it been too long since middle class Americans have had a good and prosperous life!

Trump 2024!

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