I saw a video once there were two bank robbers / kidnappers who high jacked an oil truck beside the road in the desert when the car they were driving began running badly.

They left a woman they had kidnapped during the bank robbery with the two men that had been driving in the oil tanker truck.

They left the three of them alive because they didn’t want to waste their last few bullets in case they ran into the authorities on the road.

They said they would be dead anyway from the heat and thirst before they ever got far, and they would never escape the blazing hot desert alive.

The two kidnappers took the truck and drove away, they hadn’t gone far before they turned on each other, a fight ensued over the limited supply of water they had for themselves.

 They were both in bad shape from dehydration in the blazing heat. The stolen truck soon overheated and shut off and they took to walking. The last one of the criminals killed his partner for the last of the water and eventually died himself from dehydration and exposure to the searing heat.

The owners of the truck and the kidnapped woman took to walking on the desert road, by and by they caught up to the evil doers who had only made it a few miles ahead of them on the road.

They knew they were saved when they saw their old truck at the side of the road because they knew something those evil men did not know.

Inside the tanker of that old oil truck was fresh drinking water. After being retired from the oil business the truck had been sold to a fresh water delivery contractor who had not yet painted his company logo on the outside of the tanker.

Sadly there will be a lot of people in the judgment, cast into the lake of fire for their rebellion against Yahweh and their wicked ways.

 The saddest and most pitiful part of their demise is that, they will have been born to homes and families who lived and shared the Gospel who had the answers to all of life’s troubles, worries and pain.

They will recount the opportunities and times of Yahweh’s visitation but refused refused the Gospel of Yahshua, Jesus Christ. They will remember their neighbors and friends who often during their life sounded the shofar of truth and declared loudly their voice as a Bridegroom.

But the condemned refused the good and continually chose the evil, while living in the very midst of the refreshing, in the presence of blessing, and continued in rebellion against Yahweh, against all that is Holy and good.

Their reward is also the dry desert and the blazing heat of the Lake of Fire that burns for ever and ever.

Pray for all of those who are lost, pray that Yahweh will draw them to the light of Truth, for Yahshua said, No one cometh unto me, except the father draw him!”

[Jhn 6:43-44 KJV]

43 Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves.

44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

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